When a person becomes incapable of managing his or her personal and/or financial affairs, the Court can appoint a conservator to manage the affairs on behalf of the incapacitated person. Conservatorship is an important responsibility.

Conservatorship law is highly complex and requires knowledgeable counsel. The Law Offices of Young & Young has extensive experience in all types of conservatorship matters.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court often appoints George W. Young to serve as the attorney for proposed conservatees to protect their rights and to report his findings to the court.

Our firm can:

  • Advise and represent a person who wants to create a conservatorship for a family member
  • Advise and represent a potential conservatee who wishes to prevent the creation of a conservatorship
  • Assist a conservator in complying with the law and in the filing of all required reports
  • We also help clients avoid the need for conservatorships by the creation of trusts, powers of attorney, or California advance health care directives.

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The Legal Complexities of Conservatorship

Before the creation of a conservatorship, the Court carefully examines all aspects of the situation to make sure that a conservatorship is necessary. If it is convinced that it is, the Court may appoint a “conservator of the estate” to manage the finances of the conservatee. It may appoint a “conservator of the person” to make decisions about medical treatment and personal matters. In some cases, the Court may vest both powers in one conservator.

After the hearing that creates a conservatorship, the Court supervises the actions of a conservator, and requires detailed reports on the conservator’s actions on a regular basis.

The Law Offices of Young & Young can advise and represent the conservator or the conservatee in all aspects of a conservatorship, both before and after its creation.

The Emotional Complexities of Conservatorship

A conservatorship is a legal concept, but it can also arouse profound emotional and personal issues for the conservator, the conservatee, and other family members. For over 39 years, our attorneys have been helping families deal with the legal and personal aspects of conservatorships. Our firm understands the family dynamics and emotional complexities involved in these issues, and works to resolve them with sensitivity and consideration.

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